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Get Pampered at the Best Hair Salon in Las Vegas

High Maintenance Hair Salon is recognized as a top hair salon in Las Vegas because of the care and attention we show our clients. We are one of a few select Aveda hair salons that are authorized to exclusively use Aveda hair care products and services. We have years of training and experience that will [...]

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A Professional Hair Salon in Henderson

Looking for a hair salon in Henderson where your time and look is our priority? High Maintenance Hair Salon in Henderson understands the busy schedules we all have, which is why we put you first. A Henderson Salon You Can Count On We at High Maintenance ensure that our clients receive our undivided attention during [...]

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Best Hairstylist | Las Vegas

High Maintenance Salon in Las Vegas is a member of a select group of salons worldwide that uses Aveda products, and we are home to the best hairstylist in Las Vegas, owner Rachael Webb. High Maintenance Salon was founded by Rachael Webb in 2008, and we have been serving the Las Vegas and Henderson area [...]

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Looking for an Aveda Salon in Las Vegas NV?

Finding a good hair salon can be a tricky quest. Finding one that doesn't cost an arm and a leg is even more rare. Your Dream Aveda Salon in Las Vegas NV Your search is over!  High Maintenance Salon is widely recognized as one of the best salons in the Las Vegas area. Since we [...]

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Experience the Top Aveda Salon in Henderson

Craving a gorgeous haircut shouldn't mean having to wait for your double- and triple-­booked stylist. At High Maintenance Salon Aveda hair salon, we understand how important your time is, which is why we never double-­book. Why is High Maintenance the Best Aveda Salon in Henderson? Get the personal attention you deserve without disruptions from undertrained [...]

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The Premier Aveda Salon in Las Vegas

If you're someone who hates the hassle of hair appointments - from the long wait time to the constant interruptions and over-scheduling, then look no further than High Maintenance Salon, the premier Aveda Salon in Las Vegas. During your appointment, we make you our top priority. Don't worry about distractions or double bookings, because your [...]

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The Best Aveda Products in Las Vegas

Love Aveda hair care products? Find them at High Maintenance Salon, the leader in Aveda hair salons. We offer your favorite discontinued and limited edition products that you'll be hard pressed to find anywhere else. What sets Aveda Products Apart from Other Haircare Products? Aveda prides itself on creating quality hair care products made with raw, [...]

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Find Aveda Las Vegas Locations

Looking for Aveda Las Vegas locations? Look no further than High Maintenance Salon, located in nearby Henderson. We are a member of a limited group of salons located throughout the world that offer Aveda products and services, and we're recognized as one of the best salons serving the Las Vegas and Henderson areas. The Aveda [...]

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The Ultimate Private Hair Salon in Las Vegas

Recognized as one of the best hair salons serving Las Vegas and Henderson, High Maintenance Salon is one of a select group of salons in the world that uses Aveda products and services. We're a revolutionary experience because we're a private hair salon for the Las Vegas area. Designed with the discerning client in mind, [...]

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How to Properly Shampoo Your Hair

You wouldn't think that shampooing is something that you could do incorrectly; but surprisingly, many people are using the wrong techniques!  Here are a few important tips: Use a dime-sized amount of shampoo--a quarter-sized if you have thicker or longer hair. Massage it into your scalp first, and do so gingerly--but don't go overboard!  You [...]

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