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10 Easy Hair Tricks Every Girl Should Know

Life keeps up busy. Work, school, kids, etc. leave ladies little time to do anything to their hair other than throw it up in a ponytail; but you CAN add flair to the everyday plain Jane look! Here are 10 effortless tricks to keep your hair not only healthy, but stylish. 1) An Easy Way [...]

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Home Of Your Las Vegas Hair Stylist

Sick of salons where you wait forever and the stylist barely seems to pay attention? Have you suffered at the hands of a "professional" who did what she wanted rather than what you wanted? Call High Maintenance Salon and make an appointment with the ultimate hair stylist in Las Vegas. THE AVEDA DIFFERENCE At our [...]

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One of the Top Hair Salons in Las Vegas

High Maintenance Salon is recognized as one of the top hair salons in the Las Vegas area. Located in nearby Henderson, we offer a unique hair experience where it's all about you. There is absolutely no double-booking and no distractions--phone calls, text messages, etc.  You are the only client there, period. High Maintenance is part [...]

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Revitalize Your Look at The Best Hair Salon in Las Vegas

Looking for the best hair salon in Las Vegas? High Maintenance Salon in nearby Henderson, Nevada will have you looking and feeling your greatest. One of a select group of Aveda salons around the world that offers Aveda products and services, High Maintenance is recognized as one of the best hair salons in the Las [...]

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The State of the Salon Industry

After eight long months of suffering after I lost my hairdresser, I have finally booked an appointment. I called the salon and surprisingly got an appointment two days from now; I am actually excited. I will enjoy looking around someone else’s salon and seeing what little touches they use to make a guest feel special. [...]

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Expert Hair Color in Las Vegas

High Maintenance Hair Salon features the popular Aveda salon products for all your hair color needs. As one of few Aveda salons in Las Vegas, we are recognized as one of the top choices for hair care. The focus is always you and the look you're going for. Feel the Difference of Quality Hair Color [...]

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Finest Hair Salons in Las Vegas

High Maintenance Hair Salon offers an experience that's revolutionary to hair salons in Las Vegas. You receive the undivided time and attention from our seasoned and extensively trained expert stylists. Come experience a calming atmosphere where it's all about you, and escape the conveyer belt mentality. The hair salon is yours during the entire length [...]

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Best Hair Salons in Henderson

Designed with the individual client in mind, High Maintenance Hair Salon is recognized as one of the top hair salons in Henderson, Nevada. A member of a select group of salons worldwide that is authorized to use Aveda products and services, we values our clients’ time. All appointments are started and completed on time, so there [...]

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