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The Emmys: The Season’s Best Hairstyles

Do you want hair like the stars? If so, you may want to look at some of the hairstyles at this year’s Emmys for inspiration. That way, if you visit a salon like High Maintenance Salon in Las Vegas, you can bring some ideas with you. Most beauty salons will know what’s currently fashionable, but [...]

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The Best Wedding Hairstyles for Fall

The fall season is here and wedding bells are ringing! As the big day approaches, be sure to pay attention to one of the most important accessories: the hairstyle! To make your wedding both stylish and memorable, High Maintenance Salon has the top go-to wedding hairstyles for this fall. Updo If you’re a bride that’s [...]

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Reasons You Should Enjoy One of the Local Hair Salons

Finding A Hair Salon Near Me Have you ever had a negative experience at a hair salon? If so, you know the value of a good hair stylist. Keeping your hair looking great means that you need to go in for regular maintenance appointments, even if you don't want to change your style. While hair [...]

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Why You Should Use Organic Products from Your Hair Salon

Many of us put our hair through a lot of abuse--blow drying, straightening, curling, coloring, etc. Other environmental factors, like chlorine in pools or extended periods of time in the sun, can also damage your hair. With all of the abuse your hair takes already, the products you use in your hair shouldn't contribute to [...]

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The Cutest Hairstyles for Curly Hair

Looking for something different? Think about these curly hairstyles and see how they can add some style and character to your hair! The Top Hairstyles for Curly Hair Curly hair is always in style. No matter whether you have close, tight ringlets or loose, extravagant waves, there is a unique styling option that you can [...]

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Choosing the Right Hairstyle for Your Face’s Shape

While all hairstyles can be attractive, synergizing the right focus with the right face shape can lead to stunning results. Matching Hairstyle Options with Face Shapes A good salon can provide customers with an attractive haircut, but it is up to the individual to determine what type of hairstyle will work best for them. Outside [...]

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