Individuals who have dry hair may feel as though there aren’t many hair care options for them. However, with a few easy hair tips, their follicles can enjoy a more lustrous glow.

The Top Dry Hair Care Tips

If you regularly struggle with the appearance of your dry hair, it is important for you to find a hair care routine that works. Dry hair can be particularly frustrating to deal with because it invites many other types of hair problems, such as static, frizz and follicle damage. When you go to a Las Vegas Aveda salon, you can ask the local professionals about their dry hair products and options. No matter what you use, it is important for you to synergize results by matching the right products with the right general hair care routine.

Use the Right Shampoos and Conditioners

All proper hair care begins at home. Users should stick to a shampoo and conditioner combo that is designed for dry hair. These will help attract moisture to your follicles while making sure that your hair retains it. Chemical-free products will guarantee that you do not damage your hair further. To complement the treatment, make sure that you condition your hair with a product that has a low pH content to balance the acidity of your locks.

Enjoy a Hot Oil Treatment

In addition to smart conditioning and shampooing once every two or three days, it can be a good idea to enjoy a few dry hair treatments every once in a while. A hot oil treatment can be one of the best ways to help your hair retain its natural shine without damaging the cells with unwanted chemicals. Because of the intensity of this treatment, however, it should only be done occasionally.

Avoid Styling Products

Because styling products use so many chemicals and additives, they are generally not recommended for dry hair. Too many of these products weigh down on the hair and make it look greasy while actually drying the follicles out even further. Individuals should also avoid color treatments, as these can suck out the moisture in their hair to an even greater degree than other products.