While all hairstyles can be attractive, synergizing the right focus with the right face shape can lead to stunning results.

Matching Hairstyle Options with Face Shapes

A good salon can provide customers with an attractive haircut, but it is up to the individual to determine what type of hairstyle will work best for them. Outside of personal preferences, there are many different style options that individuals can choose for their hair, based on the appearance of their face. Most Henderson Aveda salons are versatile in their styling options, and when customers combine the technical with the personal, they can enjoy incredible results.

Angular Faces

Longer hair lengths and styles always work wonders for more angular faces. Some popular square-shaped face hairstyles include blunt cuts below shoulder length and feathery bangs to soften some of the sharper edges and angles. A framing look is always in style, and a side part can be a great way to strike a balance between showcasing the face’s unique shape and softening it. Diamond face hairstyles are a little bit more versatile in that the length can be adjusted according to the individual’s preferences. There are many options for layering and subtle arrangements for the bangs that can help present the face in a very eye-pleasing way.

Softer Faces

Softer faces can enjoy a few versatile options for their hair, especially if the individual has an oval face. Some oval face hairstyles can work exceptionally well when the person adds width and volume to their hair, resulting in a more artistic appearance. The individual can arrange their hair with additional layers to make a real difference in the way their face is presented. For people who have rounder faces, on the other hand, a different effect should be achieved. Round face hairstyles will focus on lengthening the face, which can usually be achieved through tasteful applications of asymmetry.

Heart-shaped Faces

Heart shaped faces always look good with shorter cuts. Some popular styles include bobs and pixie cuts that can showcase the face’s best features while drawing attention to the hair itself. Many bang options can be considered, including side parts and fringes that the individual can personalize to suit their unique style.