Do you want hair like the stars? If so, you may want to look at some of the hairstyles at this year’s Emmys for inspiration. That way, if you visit a salon like High Maintenance Salon in Las Vegas, you can bring some ideas with you. Most beauty salons will know what’s currently fashionable, but you may want to think about it ahead of time anyway.

Short Hair

Actress Claire Danes brought a classy faux bob to the Emmys this year, carefully pinning it and tucking the right side behind her ear. This made for an asymmetrical look that reminded us of classic Hollywood styles. Lady Gaga actually had a very similar look, though it wasn’t as tightly coifed. Some of the younger actresses like Sarah Hyland and Taylor Schilling took a different route altogether and added loose waves to their short hair. Ms. Hyland’s casual waves just reached the nape of her neck, while Ms. Schilling’s were shorter and tighter. In general, actually, it seemed that blond hair tended to be more controlled while brown hair tended to the more informal end of the spectrum, and that was true for either wavy or straight hair. Aubrey Plaza, for instance, had a simple side-parted short bob that is great for a variety of face shapes.

Long Hair

Another casual look was Ariel Winter’s set of waves, for which she applied a blow-out product, blow dried her hair, curled it, and finally brushed it out. This process can be applied to multiple styles in the long hair range. Those who want their waves to make more of a statement should check out Christina Hendricks’s lovely red locks, which she pin-curled section by section to make it more deliberate and added sculpting balm to make it shine. If you’d rather rock an updo, look to Uzo Aduba, who layered waves on the top of her head and twisted the bottom into a low chignon on the right side of her head.