The fall season is here and wedding bells are ringing! As the big day approaches, be sure to pay attention to one of the most important accessories: the hairstyle! To make your wedding both stylish and memorable, High Maintenance Salon has the top go-to wedding hairstyles for this fall.


If you’re a bride that’s aiming for a timeless wedding look, you can’t go wrong with the chignon updo. The chignon hairstyle is a classic for a reason and, so far, it has stood the test of time. A chignon style gives you versatility and a wide range of different types to choose from, such as a side sweep, a French twist, and a loose curl. On top of that, you can add in other beautiful decorative details, making the stylistic possibilities endless for you on your special day.

Loose Waves

Lovers of long, flowing hair rejoice! Wearing the hair down is at the top of the wedding hairstyles must-haves for this fall and brides to be are clamoring for the loose wave style. The perfect in-between point for straight hair and curly hair, loose waves do a fantastic job at elegantly framing the face and becoming the ideal accessory to a wedding dress.


If you can’t decide between the classic updo and the loose wave, there’s always the classic half-up option, which is a beautiful melding of the two styles. The best part is, with a half-do, you can widen your options by picking from the different varieties the top and bottom styles provide for you, such as large curls at the bottom and a sophisticated bun for the remainder of the hair at the top.

Hairstyle Decorations

Like the frosting on the wedding cake, the right hair decoration is the ideal finishing touch to a wedding day hairstyle and this fall, brides are taking advantage of that extra flourish. An extra plus with both the updo and half-up styles is the amount of options for decorations and accessories, such as elegant clips, combs, pins, and headpieces.

At High Maintenance Hair Salon, the top Aveda salon in Las Vegas, we will do everything we can to ensure you get the wedding hairstyle that you’ll remember for years to come.