Using The Right Hair Salon

Little girls dream of their big day from the moment they notice their mom’s wedding photos. What’s not to love? A big beautiful dress, a handsome prince, and all the glamour of the Disney Princesses they’ve come to love. We know that a wedding is a girl’s chance to be queen for a day, and every detail should be exactly how she dreamed it. While flowers, food, and venues are certainly at the top of the “To Do” list, nothing is more important than making sure the bride is happy with how she looks, and the most important part of that is picking the right hair salon.

The Skin Complexity

So, what does it mean to pick the right salon? It means finding a hair stylist who understands how cut, color, and style interact with the skin tones and facial structure of the bride-to-be. Let’s consider for a moment the difference the right hair color can make. In general, beauticians classify skin into 6 different categories which vary from light all the way to black. Each of these skin tones works well with different hair colors. What most people don’t realize is that even in each of those skin-tone categories, there are undertones which determine which hair colors will look best.

Consider Her Undertones

Take, for example, people with fair skin. Some people have fair skin with warm (or peachy) undertones. These people look best with a warm hair color like honey or strawberry blonde. On the other hand, some fair-skinned lasses have cool undertones which are generally described as being “bluish.” To see the difference, look up pictures of Nicole Kidman (warm undertones) and January Jones (cool undertones). For people with cool undertones and fair skin, consider platinum or champagne blonde for the big day.

Face Shape Matters

After color, the next thing to consider is what kind of hairstyle is appropriate for the bride’s face shape and dress. The easiest place to start winnowing hairstyles is with the style of the dress. Is it formal or beachy-casual? Her hairstyle should match. When it comes to face shape, the best way to go about it is to find out what shape the bride’s face is and then talk to a stylist about what up-dos work best for that particular shape.