Looking for something different? Think about these curly hairstyles and see how they can add some style and character to your hair!

The Top Hairstyles for Curly Hair

Curly hair is always in style. No matter whether you have close, tight ringlets or loose, extravagant waves, there is a unique styling option that you can use to define your look. A trip to a Las Vegas Aveda salon can get you the look you want, but by exploring your curly hair options, you can plan ahead for a head-turning new cut.

Loose Curls

For loose, curly hair, women can enjoy a longer cut in attractive, uneven waves. This hairstyle works for fine to medium hair because the curls are not showcased in any particularly confining look. They are not too tight or too curly, which can give individuals a much more free and flowing style without deviating too far in terms of hair maintenance. To get this style, women are strongly encouraged to invest in a mousse with conditioning options instead of using a curling spray, which may define the look too tightly.

Spiral Curls

For spiraling curls, individuals should always try to define their style with longer layers. This means that there are many different lengths and cuts for women with spiraling curly hair, so long as the style showcases the hair’s volume and shape. The untamed look is extremely popular with this hairstyle, and it can be easily achieved with the right smoothing serums and finger-brushing techniques. This hair tapers off at the end to create some structured appearance, which means that bolder styles, such asymmetric cuts, can be good options for those who want to go for a more adventurous cut.

Wavy Curls

For hair that has a natural mix of waves and curls, layers can always create attractive styling options. Longer medium to thick hair can enjoy layered cuts with side-swept bangs that keep the curls looking soft and free without too much rigidity. Uneven cuts are particularly recommend because if the hair is too heavy at the bottom, it forces the rest of the shape into a confining look. For shorter hair, bobs are always in style, creating a bouncy and vivacious look that complements most face shapes.