Let’s face it, we all have those days when we look in the mirror and decide that it’s time for a change. Maybe it’s because there are too many gray hairs popping up or your very dark roots are coming in with a vengeance. Perhaps you don’t normally dye your hair, but you want to try something new. No matter what the case is, professional hair color correction can be just the ticket; but first you need to decide which color to do. Start by considering the following 3 things.

Skin Tone

Your skin tone and hair color should complement one another. For this reason, it’s important to think about the colors that you could choose that will enhance your look. Think about whether your skin would be considered a cool or warm tone. If you’re not sure, you could do one of the following tests.

First, try putting your hand against a white background and looking at your veins. If they appear blue, you have a cool tone. If they appear green, you have a warm tone.

Another test that you can do involves wearing a white colored shirt and grabbing various colors of paper. Hold it up against your skin while looking in a mirror. If you look best with the yellow or red papers, you have a warm complexion. On the other hand, if you look best with green, silver, or blue papers, then you have a cool complexion.

Eye Color

Another thing that you need to think about is your eye color. You want to choose a hair color that will complement your eye color. As a general rule of thumb, people with brown or hazel eyes look great with darker shades of brown. People with blue or gray eyes look great with cooler tones, such as golden blonde or ash blonde.

Color Shade

Once you’ve determined the color that you want for your hair, you also need to consider the perfect shade to choose. It’s not as simple as just saying that you want to have red, black, blonde, brown, or some other color for your hair. You need to choose the right shade of that color. Most professionals will tell you that you shouldn’t go more than 2 shades lighter or darker than your skin tone. 

If you have any qualms about what hair color to choose, talk to your stylist. He or she can examine your natural hair color, skin tone, and eye color to help you determine the right colors to choose before selecting the right shade for the job. Then, you can feel confident and beautiful with the right hair color for you.