Life keeps up busy. Work, school, kids, etc. leave ladies little time to do anything to their hair other than throw it up in a ponytail; but you CAN add flair to the everyday plain Jane look! Here are 10 effortless tricks to keep your hair not only healthy, but stylish.

1) An Easy Way to Keep Your Hairbrushes Clean

To clean your brush, pull all the hair out. Then soak the brush in warm water with shampoo. A clean hairbrush is much more effective and way healthier.

keeping your brush clean

2) If You Don’t Want to Commit to Bangs…

Create fake bangs by putting your hair in a high bun and bringing some of your locks to the front. It’s easier than it sounds! This tutorial is helpful.

3) Everything You Know About Bobby Pins is a LIE!

Counter to commonly held beliefs, bobby pins should be put in your hair flat side up, wavy side down. Try it. Shocking, right?! It makes so much more sense.

4) And to Make the Bobby Pins Stay in Place…

If you have slippery straight hair, use hairspray to make your bobby pins sticky.

Supplies needed: hairspray, paper towel, bobby pins

Step 1: Place bobby pins on paper towel. Spray with hairspray.
Step 2: Fold up paper towel with hairspray-soaked bobby pins and shake. Let them dry a little before using.
Step 3: Pin your hair. They’ll now stick!

5) How to Curl Uncurlable Hair

If you have perpetually straight hair that’s impossible to curl, use aluminum foil plus a flat iron. These instructions will help you out!

how to curl straight hair

6) And For Longer-Lasting Curls…

When using a curling iron, begin at the middle, not the end of your hair.

7) To Keep Your Hairstyle Stylin’…

Blast your hair with cool air when you’re done to set your hairstyle.

8) Get the Beachy Look

Create sexy beach waves effortlessly by putting your hair in several braids and taking a flatiron to them.

how to get beach waves

9) Keep Your Hair in Place without it Looking Crunchy

When creating an updo, first spray your hands with hairspray and run them through your hair. It’ll make your final look sleek without the shellacked, stiff, hairspray-laden look.

10) Use a Toothbrush to Tame Flyaways

Keep flyaway hairs at bay by combing them down with a toothbrush soaked in hairspray.

One of the most important steps in maintaining healthy hair is regular visits to your stylist. Call our Aveda hair salon today at (702) 547-1444 to book your appointment.