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Aveda’s Products are Paraben-Free! (Why You Should Care)

Too often, little thought goes into what products people use on their hair. Unfortunately, this later results in a lot of avoidable damage. At our Aveda salon, we only use paraben-free Aveda products. Why? They're infinitely healthier for your tresses. Parabens are among the most widely-used chemicals in personal hair care products. What Do Parabens [...]

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How to Apply Hair Product Properly

One of the biggest complaints I get from guests is that they don’t use products because they weigh the hair down and/or make it greasy. The problem usually isn't the product, but the application; proper application is the key to achieving the desired results. The following directions apply to all products except mousse, root volumizers, [...]

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Become Salon Savvy: Shampoo Ingredients to Avoid!

At our Las Vegas Aveda Salon, we strongly believe in using natural products to keep hair looking gorgeous. Unlike other shampoo brands that feature a laundry list of nasty chemicals, Aveda strives to use only the best organic ingredients. Any hair care product that features the following ingredients should send you running! (1) Sodium Laureth Sulfate This dreaded ingredient [...]

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