We all love a trip to the salon. Why not take an ordinary spa day to a whole new level with these luxurious, expensive treatments?

1. Caviar Facials

Want to have a really pampering facial? Then why not try the white caviar (fish egg) facial that will leave your skin illuminated and youthful? Just be sure to bring about $1,500 for your treatment, because that is the average price tag for this visit.

2. 20-Hand Massage

A resort in Hawaii was offering a limited-time only massage that included 20 hands rubbing your body at once. You could even sign up for a couples massage at around $4,000.

3. Evian Bath

To add relief to your aching bones, why not get a bath filled with Evian water from France? This is a pricey one — and when we say pricey, we mean $5,000.

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