Too often, little thought goes into what products people use on their hair. Unfortunately, this later results in a lot of avoidable damage. At our Aveda salon, we only use paraben-free Aveda products. Why? They’re infinitely healthier for your tresses. Parabens are among the most widely-used chemicals in personal hair care products.

What Do Parabens Do?

Parabens are preservatives that prevent the growth of fungus, bacteria, and other unpleasantness from forming in beauty products, as such products are usually kept in moist bathroom environments. Parabens come under a slew of names, including methylparaben, ethylparaben, propylparaben, butylparaben and isobutylparaben.

Why Are Parabens Bad for Your Health?

More and more studies are linking parabens to tumor growth and certain types of cancer. They are believed to have an estrogen-like effect, and too much estrogen in the body promotes cancer in women. As for hair, parabens actually dry hair out instead of replenishing much-needed moisture.

Have you noticed the damaging effects of paraben on your hair? Leave us a comment sharing your experiences! For more on the type of products we us at our Aveda salon, please contact us today.