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Aveda and Sustainable Social and Environmental Practices

Aveda's founder was inspired by an Indian science of natural healing using meditation and pure plant and flower essences. Aveda Is a Model of Corporate Environmental and Social Responsibility Many may take for granted a hairspray that does not pollute or contribute to global warming. One might not notice pure plant and flower essences from [...]

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Learn About the Hottest Hairstyle Trends for Men and Women in 2015

Learn about the most popular hairstyle trends for men and women in 2015. Each year brings new types of haircuts and styles for men and women to try. Top Three Hair Style Trends for 2015 When you'd like to freshen up your look for spring and summer, you have many options. A few new cosmetics [...]

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Natural and Environmentally Safe Hair Products

Hair products don't have to be harmful to your hair or the environment. Aveda beauty products are produced with natural ingredients in an environmentally safe way. The Unique Hair Products Used in Aveda Salons Whether you are looking to get your hair colored or want a simple shampooing, it's important to find a salon that [...]

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How to Protect Your Hair from the Damaging Heat of the Blow Dryer

Blow dryers are essential tools for styling hair, but the dry heat they produce can wreak havoc on hair, damaging it and making it look awful. However, there are ways to avoid this damage and still have lovely blown-dry hair. Protect Your Hair from Your Blow Dryer You go to your stylist at the Las [...]

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Aveda Salon Offers Natural Hair Color Treatments

High Maintenance Salon is an Aveda hair salon that uses the highest quality natural products in its treatments. The Benefits of Natural Hair Color Treatments People have a variety of reasons for wanting hair color treatments. You may want to cover up some grey hair. Alternatively, you may be in the mood for a new [...]

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