Learn about the most popular hairstyle trends for men and women in 2015. Each year brings new types of haircuts and styles for men and women to try.

Top Three Hair Style Trends for 2015

When you’d like to freshen up your look for spring and summer, you have many options. A few new cosmetics help to brighten your face while a couple of new accessories, shirts or a pair of shoes brightens your wardrobe. To really get yourself noticed, keep with some of the new 2015 hairstyle trends as spotted in the beauty magazines and in Las Vegas Aveda beauty salons. The 2015 hairstyles feature easy to care for cuts that will take you from the office to the beach with a minimum of fuss.

Side-swept Styles

This is a much more fashionable take on the old “comb over” trick. Side-swept styles use an extreme low part on the left or right and sweep the hair over. This works best on hair that is at least shoulder length. For going out on the town, a decorative hairpin can keep some of the hair tucked behind one of the ears.


Braided hairstyles are in vogue for both men and women. For a bit of a punk look, try one skinny French braid that starts in the center of the forehead and goes all the way down to the nape of the neck. Another twist combines the side swept trend with the braid trend to create a side braid across the front, around the side and finishing off on the opposite side of the head.

The Wet Look

Hair that is slightly messy and looks just a little damp is a hot look for men and women in 2015. To get this stylish hair trend, a little styling gel should be applied to your damp hair. Spread the gel from the hair’s roots to tips, making sure to evenly distribute it. The hair can then be further styled into a messy bun, loose ponytail or braid. For men, the wet look looks great on hair that is a little longer in the front.