Hair products don’t have to be harmful to your hair or the environment. Aveda beauty products are produced with natural ingredients in an environmentally safe way.

The Unique Hair Products Used in Aveda Salons

Whether you are looking to get your hair colored or want a simple shampooing, it’s important to find a salon that uses high quality products. Many modern beauty products contain chemicals that are harmful to the environment and your hair. Luckily, some salons use safe and effective products from Aveda. The company has a unique approach to beauty that sets them apart.

Ingredients from Nature

At a Henderson Aveda salon, you can expect the products to contain ingredients collected all over the world. The company uses 89 – 90% organic ingredients derived from plants. They have suppliers located all over the world, allowing them to incorporate exotic plants and herbs into their products. For example, their argan is collected from Morocco while their sandalwood comes from Australia. In addition to natural ingredients, many of the products are Paraben-free. You won’t have to worry about any of the undesired side effects of the chemical formula while you get your hair done.

Environmentally Conscious Beauty

Another unique thing about Aveda products is the manufacturing process. The company cares about our environment, producing their beauty products in way that dramatically reduces their carbon footprint. The manufacturing process is powered 100% by the wind. Instead of siphoning off of the power grid to create their amazing products, they use a renewable source that doesn’t affect the environment. Furthermore, all of the bottles used by stylist contain a minimum of 80% recycled plastic.

Beauty and Care

There is a reason that salons use Aveda products. Not only do they smell great and make your hair feel renewed, but also the company’s unique approach to beauty is one of a kind. They’ve set an example in the cosmetic and beauty worlds while protecting the one we live on. While you are getting your hair done, you can rest assured that your hair is being treated with truly natural products from a company that cares.