When spring rolls around, many women want to ditch the boring hair look that they’ve had all winter and try something new. Here are three ideas to inspire you before you go to the salon to update your look for spring.

Why Spring Is the Perfect Time to Update Your Look

Springtime is the season when an Aveda hair salon gets the most requests for new hairstyles. When the weather starts to warm up and people’s social calendars start to become busier, it’s easy to feel inspired to want to change your boring old look and reinvigorate your style. Here are three ways that you can update your look.

Consider Going Shorter

Long hair was in vogue for years, but it seems like short is the new trend. Many women have been inspired by Taylor Swift’s hair, which she famously chopped into a shoulder-length cut just before the release of her latest album, 1989. This shoulder-length bob is fun, youthful and playful, unlike the long hairstyles that were popular a few years ago. Furthermore, unlike other short hair trends, it’s universally flattering.

Experiment with Wild Color

Forget about getting subdued honey highlights! The new color trend involves wild, out-there hues like lavender and turquoise. Stars like Demi Lovato and Kylie Jenner have made bold statements with these colorful looks. If you aren’t comfortable with all-over color in a daring hue, then just play around with a low-key ombre look, where the vibrant color is only applied to an inch or so of the ends of your hair. When you’re sick of the look, you can easily just chop the affected areas off.

Keep It Simple but Add Dimension

Having all of your hair at a uniform length is very last year. Even if you don’t want to try a wild color or chop it short, you can still update your length by requesting layers or even bangs. This way, you can keep your length but still play around with a unique new style. When it comes to hair, even subtle changes that aren’t very scary can do wonders to update your look and to give you a fresh new appearance.