Bangs will never go out of style. They’re an accessory to your hair, and they can completely add to your look. However, different versions of this favorable fringe are
necessary depending on face shape.

(1) If you have a round face…

Those with round faces look best with curved bangs, as other styles make this face
shape look even more pronounced. Keep the bangs thick for best results.

Graphic Bangs for a Round Face

photo by bettie-rage

(2) If you have a square face…

Opt for eye­grazing fringe that is tapered on the sides if your face is square. Cut the bangs just below the eyebrows but leave them longer around your temples.

Bangs for a Square Facephoto by Riley Alexandra

(3) If you have a heart-­shaped face…

To help balance out the face, opt for side-swept bangs that draw attention down to the eyes.

Side-Swept Bangsphoto by Debs (ò‿ó)♪

The right stylist will be able to give you the perfect bangs for your face. Contact High Maintenance — the Las Vegas Aveda salon you can trust.