Myth #1: Cutting your hair will make it grow faster.

Although the industry has made progress in finding ways to speed up hair growth, there is still very little discrepancy in the rate of growth even with regular trims. However, keeping hair healthy by cutting off all the dead ends serves to make hair appear longer and fuller.


Myth #2: Using the same shampoo for too long will make it stop working.

Simply false! Good products will keep their integrity and work wonders on your beautiful locks while bad products will continue to wreak havoc and unnecessary damage to your hair. It is, however, beneficial to use a clarifying shampoo once a month to strip away any residue that hair products may leave behind.

Myth #3: Brushing with 100 vigorous strokes will make hair healthier.

In reality, brushing hair actually weakens it. However, if one brushes properly, breakage can be minimized. The best way to take care of your hair is to use a wide tooth comb while your hair is wet and gently brush through it while dry.


Myth #4: You can avoid greasy hair by not applying conditioner.

Greasy hair is a result of overproduction of sebum. To keep oils to a minimum, those who suffer from overly greasy hair might want to use a lighter conditioner and only on the ends.

Myth #5: A quick rinse in cold water will make hair shiny.

A splash of frigid water may invigorate your skin, but it really has no effect on your hair whatsoever.


Myth #6: Sunlight is a healthy way to lighten hair.

Hair can actually get “sunburned.” Although it does lighten it up, the heat and overexposure to UV rays can cause damage to the protective layering, as well as the follicle.

three girls tanning on the beach

Photo courtesy of micadew

Myth#7: Hair color and eyebrow color should match.

This misconception could not be more misleading. A subtle contrast in color will add depth and texture to the face by highlighting the shape of the brow, making eyes appear brighter and more attractive.

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