Take a breath, ladies. If you’re looking to conquer a new style and try something different, there are plenty of easy routes to take that’ll reinvigorate your look within minutes!  Try these three cool looks:

1) The Fishtail

If you can braid, you can fishtail.  If you can’t braid, you can still fishtail.  It’s quick, simple, and people will wonder how the heck you did it.  There are also plenty of ways to modify it — like fishtail pigtails (isn’t that fun to say?), fishtail buns (not quite as fun to say), and fishtail…whatever else you can think of.


photo by milla.deet

2) Beach Hair

You don’t have to spend the day rolling around in the sand and getting spritzed with ocean water to make this one work.  The right product, a little tousling, and blow-drying your hair upside down will do the trick.  Be careful with gels and waxes labeled as the miracle worker for this ‘do, though: They’re often heavy, greasy, and will only weigh your locks down.

Beach Hair

photo by &y

3) Back in the Day…

Old is in.  Sophisticated curls, victory rolls, french twists — take it back a couple decades and everyone will comment on how hip and trendy you are.  Plus, it adds an element of femininity that some of today’s hottest styles just can’t accomplish.

Elizabeth Taylor Hair

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