Women, and men for that matter, do some crazy things for beauty. We’ve compiled a list of the three most bizarre salon treatments that may have you running in the opposite direction and glad you only pay $50 for your facial cream.

1. Facials Made of Bird Droppings

Sound gross? It is; BUT that doesn’t make it wrong. The fact of the matter is that birds’ feces contain guanine, an amino acid that makes your skin as smooth as a baby’s bottom.


2. Snake Venom Cream

Just when you think they couldn’t come up with anything more strange to stop the signs of aging, they found snake venom and incorporated it into lotion to paralyze the skin without killing you. Those with ophidiophobia (fear of snakes) need not bother — you’ll definitely not help your phobia with this slithery cream.

Yellow Snake

3. Keeping Young with Snail Goo

Just how far would you go for more youthful skin? Snails happen to secrete a mucus that contains powerful antioxidants that do a number of things, namely protect them from radicals. Naturally, we’re going to apply it to our faces…right?

Yup! And before you scoff, it’s been clinically proven to help repair damaged tissues, prevent aging, and fix sun damage. So the next time you accidentally step on a snail…

Snail in the woods

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