Many beauty professionals despise all the DIY ombre and highlight kits. I don’t understand this. Maybe they think these kits downplay the education and skill involved in doing these techniques successfully.

As a professional, I’m always investing in my skill levels with continuing education. I think it’s so important to keep up on trends and refresh your fundamentals. I also practice, practice, practice, because practice makes perfect. With that said, why would anyone think that they could just grab a box because they like the picture on the front, and manage to recreate an image that a professional created in the first place? I don’t think there is any confusion that the images on the front of the box are created, photographed, and retouched by industry professionals. The commercials are comical: “Just brush this in, wait a few minutes, and wash it out. It’s that easy!”

Baaaa haaa. Sure.

I can understand the need to save money; but rolling the dice on your hair color will end up costing far more than your potential saving by doing this at home. For example, the average ombre box color will cost about $11.00; but once it has gone wrong, and it will go wrong, you can expect to spend a minimum of $195 to fix it. Total cost, excluding emotional distress, is $206, and this is a very conservative number. As opposed to having paid a professional about $120 to do it correctly, in an effort to save money, you’ve spent almost double. Desperate to get her hair fixed, the average woman will spare no expense so she can show her face at work without everyone asking, “What did you do to your hair?” This only goes to prove my previously stated point that these techniques take time, education, experience, practice, and advanced knowledge to successfully achieve the desired result.


In the end, I end up with more guests in my chair at my Aveda salon and another feather in my cap for being the one who “saved” her and her hair from a DIY disaster; it’s a win/win for me. No one knows this better than the person who tried this at home and now has the utmost respect and admiration for the professional hair stylist who fixed it for her.

So, I say, keep making these box colors and keep up with all the misleading ads. It’s just more business for me!

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