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Which are the Best Hair Salons in Henderson, NV?

When you go to a hair salon in Henderson, NV, you do not just want to go to the hair salon with the most affordable prices or the hair salon that is the closest to your house. You want to go to one of the best salons in Henderson. Fortunately, there are several great hair [...]

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4 Popular DIY Hairstyles with Tutorials and More!

The internet is FULL of DIY videos, step-by-step blogs, and all sorts of tutorials for getting your hair into the perfect style. Here, we've taken four popular looks and gathered what we think are the easiest DIY tutorials and helpful photos. Go for it! 1.) Victory Rolls This ultra-feminine retro 'do has made a serious [...]

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12 Clever Uses for Hair Conditioner

We know that hair conditioner can make our strands smooth, shiny, and silken; but did you know it has plenty of other helpful uses too? 1.) Repel salt and snow from leather shoes Protect your leather shoes from winter weather by applying small amounts of conditioner to completely dry shoes. Buff the shoes with a [...]

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Shampoo Education 101! 10 Ways You’ve Been Shampooing Your Hair Wrong

A relaxing day at the salon -- photo courtesy of If you’re anything like me, you spend at least $100 a year on hair products. Maybe your hair is manic, rapid cycling between being overly oily to dry and broken. It may not all be in your head. It may be your [...]

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10 Natural Ways to Take Care of Your Hair in the Dry Summer Heat

Enjoying a relaxing bath.Photo courtesy of Joel Telling The triple-digit summer temperatures of Nevada can become so unbearable that you can't even set foot outside. When you do, literally everything is hot to the touch and you're running for cover. As a Las Vegan, you probably already know the importance of sunblock; but [...]

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Winter 2013 Hair Trends: 5 Hair and Color Styles You Saw

If you think hat hair is your only hairstyle option during the winter, guess again! These five trends have been on fire this season, and they will definitely look hot on you too. (1) Dark Chocolate Strands From hot cocoa to roasted chestnuts, get inspired by the season’s cozy, dark brown delights. With a deep, [...]

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