We know that hair conditioner can make our strands smooth, shiny, and silken; but did you know it has plenty of other helpful uses too?

1.) Repel salt and snow from leather shoes

Protect your leather shoes from winter weather by applying small amounts of conditioner to completely dry shoes. Buff the shoes with a clean rag to work the conditioner into the leather.

2.) Soften cuticles

Why head to a nail salon or buy expensive cuticle creams when you can simply smear on some hair conditioner and push those softened cuticles back on your own?

3.) Make stainless steel shine

Your hair isn’t the only thing conditioner can make glossy. Add small amounts to stainless steel appliances and buff with a cloth to create sparkling shine.

4.) Bring shrunken sweaters back to their former size

Dissolve a tablespoon of conditioner in a bucket of water. Soak the submerged sweater so it can soften, and then gently stretch the sweater back to its original size. (This trick doesn’t always work, but it’s worth a shot before sending those shrunken sweaters to the garbage, right?)

5.) Keep tools from rusting

The Tin Man could have used this one: Add a thin layer of conditioner to household tools and metal appliances to prevent rusting.

6.) Slide stubborn rings off your fingers

No need to head to the emergency room or hack your precious baubles in half when they get stuck on your fingers. Just put some conditioner on the base of your finger, above the ring, and under the ring itself, if possible. Slide the ring back and forth until it shimmies its way off your finger.

7.) Hush a squeaky door

Add a bit of conditioner to squeaky hinges for a WD-40-free method of greasing and silencing squeaks.

8.) Unplug a clogged drain

Don’t call the plumber the next time you have a clogged drain. Instead, squirt some conditioner down the drain, run hot water to make the blockage nice and slick, and that clog might just dislodge itself.

9.) Remove Band-Aids

Pain-free Band-Aid removal can be yours when you add a hefty amount of conditioner to the edges of the bandage to weaken the adhesive’s hold.

10.) Free stuck zippers

Grease zipper tracks with a small amount of hair conditioner to loosen sticky zippers.

11.) Clean silk clothing

Kiss trips to the dry cleaner goodbye. To clean silk clothing yourself, just add a tablespoon of conditioner to a sink filled with room-temperature water, submerge your silk garments for a few minutes, and hang dry!

12.) Use as shaving cream

Run out of Gillette? No fear! Grab your hair conditioner for a stellar substitute that moisturizes as it provides a smooth glide for your razor.

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