If you think hat hair is your only hairstyle option during the winter, guess again! These five trends have been on fire this season, and they will definitely look hot on you too.

(1) Dark Chocolate Strands

From hot cocoa to roasted chestnuts, get inspired by the season’s cozy, dark brown delights. With a deep, chocolate brown hair color, you’ll exude sultry richness, just like beautiful brunettes Megan Fox and Kim Kardashian.

brunette Megan Fox

(2) Sleek is Chic

You don’t have to be a gambler to master poker-straight hair. This high-drama style is a cinch to achieve with the help of a flat iron. Emphasize the glossy look with a super-straight part. Then tuck the sleek strands behind your ears or slick them back into a ponytail. Not only does this style look ultra-glam, it also looks fabulous with the season’s metallic fashions.

(3) Red-Hot Red

Autumn may be over, but savor its rich, auburn colors all winter long with a luscious red hair color. Let ravishing redheads Emma Stone and Kate Walsh be your inspiration as you spice up your hair color with fierce, fiery highlights.

redhead Emma Stone

(4) Chunky Highlights

Thick, cozy sweaters and soft, knit scarves shouldn’t be the only chunky parts of your look this winter season. Chunk up your hair color with thick, hand-painted, honey-colored highlights, like the kind rocked by Sarah Jessica Parker and Khloe Kardashian. This bold style begins subtly at the root, but thickens as it weaves its way down the hair shaft. The result? A surprisingly chic and edgy look!

Sarah Jessica Parker highlights

(5) Half-up, Half-down

Can’t decide between wearing your hair up or down? You won’t have to choose when you go with this super-trendy “50/50” style. Slick back the top half of your hair, and leave the bottom half loose and free to create killer contrast.

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