With award season well underway, celebrities have weighed in on this year’s hottest new hair styles. Check out the top 5 favorites from High Maintenance Salon.

The Textured Lob

This cut sits just above the shoulders in choppy layers. Celebrities like Adele and Emma Watson have been working this look that is perfect for girls on the go. Simply work in a texturizing spray and twist the ends for the famous “I woke up this way” look.

The Petite-Coif

Hailing back to the days of Mia Farrow and Rosemary’s Baby, this sleek pixie cut uses shorter lengths to frame the face while allowing for slightly longer locks on the top. This cut is also easy to style and customize with pomade and a few seconds under the hair dryer.

The Trapezoid Afro

Solange Knowles is credited with popularizing this new trend. This cut uses shorter lengths on the bottom and longer up top to create a heart shape. The various lengths allow for creative updos and sleek-downs.

The Full Fringe

Bangs are back in for 2016, so say Dakota Johnson and Taylor Swift. You can ask for a blunt cut for an edgy fringe or a softer look with layers that frame your face. Let bangs air-dry while twisting lengths loosely with a curling iron.

The Sleek Lob

Kylie Jenner recently rocked this sophisticated look that hugs the shoulders. Whether it is cut at an angle or straight, your flat-iron will become your new best friend. Make sure to keep ends hydrated with a moisturizer to keep them from splitting.

For all the latest trends and colors, check out your favorite local hair salon in Henderson.