Aveda products are known for giving you softer, shinier, fuller, and healthier hair. If you want the full benefits of Aveda hair care, you will need to consider using Aveda products at every stage of your beauty regimen, including hair cutting, coloring, conditioning, maintenance, styling, and other specific hair needs. You may be able to find some Aveda hair care products at retail stores, but some are only available in salons like our Aveda salon in Las Vegas.


You can only get Aveda coloring products in Aveda salons. Aveda coloring products are one of the most sought-after coloring products on the market because they are naturally derived and healthier for your hair while providing the most vibrant and beautiful colors. They are extremely fade resistant and even help protect your hair from damage. Cheaper coloring products, dyes, and bleaches only damage your hair more extensively.


Similarly to hair coloring products, Aveda conditioning treatments offer beautifying and protective benefits like only Aveda can. Our most effective conditioning treatments can’t be bought over the counter at your local supermarket. There are regular conditioners, which you use in the shower right after washing your hair, but then there are more specialized, leave-in treatments. Aveda carries various lines of conditioning treatments, like Shampure and Invati, designed to target specific problems like hair damage, hair thinning, and color preservation. Some high end conditioning treatments require a salon specialist’s knowledge to apply the treatment with full effectiveness.


There are also many Aveda styling products that salons can offer you. You can find some basic styling products in stores, but some of the more specialized treatments require either a stylist to apply them or to recommend them to you.

  • First, there are preparatory styling products, which repair, control, and prevent damage. These products can add gloss and shine, protect your color, and protect your hair from heat damage once you begin styling.
  • Then there are the products that you use while styling your hair, such as curl creams, straightening creams, pomades, defining whips, and texturizers. Again, high end Aveda products are more targeted and effective than the basic products you can find on shelves.
  • Finally, there are your finishing products, like hair spray. Aveda offers specialized products in salons to help you maintain your salon-fresh style. This includes “firm hold” hair spray and volumizing hair spray, as well as finishing glosses and shaping wax.

These specialty Aveda products require application from an experienced beauty expert to ensure you get the desired effect with the most benefits.


Every now and then, a limited edition Aveda product will come along, be sold for a short while, and then will go off the market. If you found a product you loved but it is no longer being produced, you may be able to find it in an Aveda salon, or at least a specialty product that is very similar. Just ask your stylist!