What are the hot trends for hair in 2016? Here are some styles and techniques you can expect to see in the coming year at hair salons in Henderson:

  • Accessories – This year’s styles come with lots of accessories. Use them to add something girlie to your boyish outerwear ensemble or to take the attention away from less-than-perfect hairstyling. Flowers, ribbons, and jewels should be on everyone’s list of things to try this year.
  • Braids – Loose bohemian braids are out; tight, functional braids are in. Thin, peek-a-boo braids and tight twists that will actually stay in place will be your best friends for 2016.
  • Dip-dyed Ends – Choose almost any color you like and dip-dye your ends for a fun, rainbow effect. You can add just a gentle touch of a pastel, or go bold with dark blue and black.
  • Platinum – Go blonde this year; the icier, the better.
  • Waves – Natural-looking waves will be everywhere in the coming year. “Braid-made” waves, second-day waves, and wobs, wavy bobs, are all good choices for catching the wave wave.
  • Polish – Along with the braids that stay put, hair that stays put in general is on trend for the new year. Slick it back, or get a contouring cut with a tidy center part, and eliminate the shaggy layers.

At High Maintenance Salon, we are dedicated to helping our clients look good and feel confident. We know what’s hot and what’s not for the coming year. Come in today for an update!