tight curls using sponge rollers

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Dear Ladies Rocking Short, Curly Cuts,

We know you sometimes feel you’re living with Medusa’s snakes; but honestly, we all want your hair! Where you see unruly, disobedient curls, we see shape, body, and health — more time, less product, and the ability to go from pool to party with finger combing and a barrette.

snakes for hair
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Dear Women Thinking of Cutting Your Curly Hair Short,

Go for it! So many of us are afraid to go short because we fear we don’t have the personality to pull off rock star hair. Here’s the trick: Pick the cut to fit your personality.

Think of one word that describes the face you want to show the world. Demure, playful, adventurous, romantic, wild, sassy, professional, refined – there are cuts that accentuate every kind of personality you can think of. And short hair can be pinned, curled, spiked, and teased to go from professional to wild in just a few steps.

If you’re thinking of going short with curly hair this summer, Aveda salons have the expertise to match your cut and color to your lifestyle. Check out these looks and call us today to talk about the one right for you.

Tiny waves: playful, demure, flirty, professional

Like mini surf breaking on the beach, your hair is straight at the roots but starts to get wavy after those first few inches. Cut just past the natural wave, so on a normal day your ends will have just a little kick. Use a flat iron and you can have a sleek, straight ‘do.

short haircut for curly hair

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Shoulder length bob: sophisticated, professional, sweet

curly hair bob

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It’s been around so long because it works so well for many. One of the most popular short cuts, the shoulder length bob flatters nearly every face shape. Easily dressed up with accessories and color, it’s still put together and finished when worn loose and natural.

The shag: wild, adventurous

Classic, hot, and full of fun, the shag fits hair that holds style. It’s best for hair with waves or loose curls cut just where the curl starts.

shag hair cut with curly hair

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Long waves: playful, artistic, romantic

Ideal for fine, wavy locks that might fall flat in more severe cuts, this bi-level leaves just enough length to blow in the wind.


curly hair cut with long waves

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With long hair, this much curl would be overwhelming, not to mention headache-inducing heavy! This short, layered cut with heavy bangs makes hair look full, healthy, and touchable.

short curly style layered

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Natural curl: adventurous, professional, easygoing

If your hair curls right from the roots, this shoulder length cut works for casual, makeup-free days but also works into a great nighttime look with a colorful headband or rolled scarf.

short curls
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Sideswept charm: romantic, sassy, thoughtful

Just longer than the ear, this sideswept style with long bangs and lots of volume in back is one of the most feminine looks around. Lots of layers give you fun options to work color through, too.

cropped hair
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Mid-length stacked bob: wild, cute, professional, adventurous

The mid-length cut is one of the most versatile and works well with full bodied hair in loose curls. It will pull attention to the widest point of the cheeks, making it a great look for oval shaped faces. It’s also a beautiful way to accentuate a strong jawline and sexy shoulders!

mid-length curly haircut

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It takes a professional to give you the perfect look. Contact us today to schedule your appointment! (702) 547-1444