We loved watching the Oscars this year, but seeing as we run a hair salon in Henderson, our attention was immediately drawn to the hair styles on our favorite stars that were marching down the red carpet. Some of the styles were to die for, while others left a lot to be desired. If you missed the proceedings or if you simply just want to relive the best moments, here is our list of the best hair styles at the 2016 Oscars.

Jessica Chastain

We didn’t love her hair in The Help, but she put it all to rights as she donned the red carpet. Her red locks were pulled back in a gentle twist and allowed some loose curls to fly all around her shoulders. It framed her face just right, and we loved every inch of it.

Berenice Bejo

We promise we didn’t just favor the red heads, but give us one more for this list. What really stunned us was how well the deep auburn worked for this natural brunette. We loved the tight braid that wrapped around her head and showed off her stunning jaw bone.

Sandra Bullock

Sandy really showed us how elegant simple designs can be. She had her deep dark locks pulled back in an elegant pony tail. Simple elegance at its best.A very mature look that is helping her age very gracefully, according to this hair salon in Henderson, NV.